Thank you card and July’s Specials

Hi, Guys!!!!
Happy Friday!!  I hope your week went well and you’re getting ready for an exciting weekend.  I am trying to catch up on things.  My boys are sure keeping me busy so far this summer.
We have been dealing with so much rain this summer and it’s getting annoying.  We live in NY so our summers are so short, to begin with.  I look forward to our summer and the nice weather.  We usually cram a million things to do in summer too.
My youngest just got back from Cubscout Camp with his Dad last week.  They had a blast and he always comes home tired for a few days.  They have so many activities planned each day and they are exhausted when they get home.
My oldest Son and I had my Garage Sale while they were away at camp.  I am so glad that is over.  The work and preparation is always so much more than what you earn at one.  I ended up getting rid of a lot of stuff and that was the main reason to have one.  I don’t ever want to have another one again.

This was just some of the stuff.   My brother, mom, and dad and father in law also had items in the sale.  It was crazy how much we had for sale.
So I was able to craft a little last night.  I had received a Stampin Up order last week and haven’t had time to really play with anything.  I needed to create a Thank you card for my sons Birthday Party he had last month.  Here is what I came up with.

I love the Lemon Lime Twist with Black.  These two colors were meant to be together.  I also created a video on how I made this card using embossing powder.  I also talk a little about the special things going on this month at Stampin Up.  I will leave the video at the end of this post.
Happy Friday!!!!

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Author: Chris

2 thoughts on “Thank you card and July’s Specials

  1. Wow, you are right, those two colors are meant to be together!! I love how you fast forwarded the video while it was heating the embossing powder. I really appreciate people who make videos and get to the point right away. We are all super busy people and the fact that you keep that in mind is awesome. Your videos are always short and sweet and give you ALL the information you need to get the project done properly. Believe it or not, that is very hard to find at times. Some people are super nice and good crafters but they chat a little too much. Even though they are super likable, time is short for some people so your videos are GREAT!!
    Thank you again for sharing and I'm definitely going to case your cute little thank you card!!

  2. Aww Thanks Deb!! Thanks I love getting feedback on my videos and I often do not get any but people keep subscribing to me so I must be doing something right! Please Case away!!! This one was so easy to make I love the Playful Backgrounds set and do not use them nearly enough

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