I bit off more than I can manage!!

Hi, Guys,
Happy Sunday!!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Sunday.  It was cold today and we were busy all day.  We had a birthday party/Christmas party to attend.  When we got home after doing some housework and hanging with the kids it’s night already.  It seems like the days fly by.  I really had a lot of ambition and really thought I could pull off this 24 Crafts of Christmas.  What Was I Thinking??? lol
It was really starting to stress me out wondering what I would make and as its getting closer to Christmas I am realizing just how much I still need to get done around here.  So I will post as often as I can with any Crafts I can get done.  I still need to make my Christmas Cards to mail out.  YIKES.
I am so tired and just need some down time so I am going to crash and watch some Walking Dead with the husband.

Author: Chris

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