Day 10 of the 24 Crafts of Christmas

Hi, Guys,
Happy Saturday!!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Saturday.  I was very busy today.  I finally made it to POUND class this morning.  I missed it so much and it felt really good to be back at it.  In another month the gym will be packed and it will be crazy.  I have been going to the gym for a year and 1/2 now.  It’s called Retro Fitness and what lured me to this gym is that it’s $20 a month, a $40 fee once a year and unlimited classes.  You can not beat that.  I use to take Zumba and it was $7 to $10 a class.  I could not afford that.  I dont like working on the machines so I just go for classes.  I take POUND 5 to 6 days a week.
So I was able to make a gift card holder today it was super simple and cute.

I used This christmas paper from Stampin’ Up, It turned out so cute.  I also made a video showing how I put it all together.

I am struggling to keep my eyes open so I must go.  I hope you enjoyed the video.  Happy Saturday!!!!

Author: Chris

2 thoughts on “Day 10 of the 24 Crafts of Christmas

  1. Chris, that is such a cute gift card holder. I made something very similar the other day and will post it on my blog, in fact it might be identical except for the paper I chose!! What I like a lot about this gift card holder is that you can personalize it for the person you are giving it to; so the one I made it was more glitzy because it will be for my daughter in law and have a gift card to her favorite store in it; and she's more fancy than I am. Hahah…I'm glad she won't read this!!
    I know you were busy today (yesterday) and I was frantic with trip readying stuff. It is so hectic getting ready for a trip across the country and we aren't even driving!! I always have a little anxiety when I fly so that might be part of it. I guess I'm just a big baby sometimes!!
    Take care and have a great day. I hope to get a nap sometime today so I won't be too tired when our flight leaves at 6 am Monday. 🙂

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