Host Code

What is a Host Code?

It’s a code you use when you make a purchase from me when your order is under $150.  I will have a code for you to use every month.  Here you will find my monthly host codes and when you use this code I will send you a gift in the mail.   I may have several codes from time to time, which each code would be linked to something unique.  I may have online classes with a unique code or run a special prize giveaway or just a special item for free when you use the unique host code.  It really helps me out a lot if you use my codes.

A host code earns rewards for me.  So I can spend those rewards on Stampin’ Up! products.  These are the items I am able to use in my giveaways, card kits, or as thank you gifts.

When you use my code with your order you will get a gift from me in the mail as long as you provide me with your contact info when checking out.

If your order is $150 or more you will not need a host code.  You will receive your own rewards.   I will still give you a gift.  If I have multiple host codes at the time you place your order you can reach out to me using my contact option or my email and let me know which special offer you would like to receive as your thank you gift.  Please reference your order when sending an email.  You must choose a valid offer at the time your order was placed.  If you do not email me then I will choose the free gift of the month.

 So please whenever you place an order under $150 with me use a code!  Just copy and paste the current month’s code below with your order.

Thank you guys so much!!

The Current Host Code  is: