Day 7 of the 24 Crafts of Christmas

Hi, Guys,
Happy Wednesday!!  I hope everyone had a fantastic Wednesday.  It was a dreary day here but so glad it was raining most of the day instead of snow.  Upstate NY winters can be pretty brutal sometimes and so far we have not had much snow.  I was able to get a bunch done today although it never feels like enough.  I finished putting up the inside Christmas decorations and then put all 9 large empty totes in the attic.  I always say we have too many Christmas decorations each year but then I always buy new ones before and after Christmas to add to the madness. lol, I was able to make a Christmas Card today.  It was pretty easy to make you just need some buttons.

It is cute but is pretty heavy.  I wouldn’t recommend sending out in the mail I think the postage would be frightening.  It would be a good card to go with a gift you would hand someone.  I used hot glue to glue the buttons down.  You could use any kind of glue as long as it was a strong glue.  I had my glue gun out because I was helping my 8-year-old with his school project.  One tip I learned a while back if you do not know this already is when you are done using a glue gun on your projects, take a hair dryer on low heat over your project and it will melt all the annoying loose strands of glue dangling everywhere.  I watched someone do this on a youtube video.  I could not believe I never thought of something like this.  I have a hard time creating on my own, I can take an idea and put my own spin on it.
Another tip I have for you that I found on Pinterest is if you have a lot of buttons you can store them in a spice rack, you can separate by colors this way too.  I found a spice rack in a free box at a garage sale, it was missing a bottle but it works for me.

I also used the Merry Christmas sentiment from Greetings from Santa Stamp Set, and it’s currently on sale (order here) and I used the ink pad Real Red (order here)
Don’t forget to use my hostess code 3TAGWDKE for any orders under $150 and you will get a little something from me in the mail.  I am so happy I made this decision to become a Stampin’ Up demonstrator.  I still have no customers but eventually, someone will order from me and it will be one of the best decisions they could make.  I love my Team leader she is so super helpful and I am part of a wonderful team.  The girls are all so supportive and helpful, it’s such a great group.  We all support each other.  My Team leader lives in Utah and I am in NY so I was really concerned that I would not get the support I need but that is not true at all.  If you ever thought about being a demonstrator you really should do it.  If you sign up under me you get access to our Team too.  Not to mention you will get goodies from me and my Leader.  If you ever have any questions just contact me and I would be more than happy to help.  I really hope you guys enjoy my crafts and enjoy following me.
Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Christine, I love your website! Great job… The little button card is cute, too! I agree with you, being out of state does not affect a person's ability to be a good team leader. I think you can be supporting online, as we've seen! Any chance you are coming to Onstage when it is in Utah next year? 🙂

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