Making your Cricut mats sticky again

Hi, Guys,
Happy Sunday!!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  My weekend was busy with two birthday parties.  My littlest niece turned One, well in a few more days it will be official but this weekend we celebrated her birthday and my other niece turned 12.  I can not believe how quickly time goes by. 
So today I decided it was time to help my 12 year old do a very thorough cleaning of his room.  Boy that was a fun 5 hours or so.  It is always fun because mom does 92% of the work, while my son plays with everything he forgot he ever had.  He did manage to get rid of some stuff and I have started garage sale boxes.  I label everything with a price tag, I buy a roll of the blue painters tape and a sharpie, then everything goes in a box.  When spring/summer comes I just need to set everything up and I’m all set. 
So I really didn’t get to do anything fun in my craft room today.  I was itching to craft all day but i had to finish up his room and then get some other house work done.  I did manage to clean all my Cricut mats and I made a video showing you how I clean and re stick them.  So I will leave you that video to watch.  I hope you enjoy.  Have a Happy Sunday!!!

Author: Chris

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