Happy New Year!!

Hi, Guys!!!
Happy Monday!!  I hope everyone has been enjoying your Monday!  I know I have, it was the last day of vacation for my kiddos and they are not looking forward to tomorrow but this mama is!!  lol  We had a lot of fun over break but I need my routine back already.  We built a snowman the other day.  It snowed here just about every day last week and it added up quickly.  Here is our snowman

I love his hair!!  We also went sledding in the backyard and had a few snowball fights.
I spent yesterday and today cleaning out my room and my craft room.  I am on a mission this year to become organized and get rid of stuff that I have been hanging onto for just in case moments.  The clutter is what is making me disorganized and adding stress so If I have not used it this past year I am getting rid of it.  I have been boxing stuff up and labeling it for a huge garage sale this summer.  I am really weeding out my craft room too.  I have been so good these past few months in not buying just because it is on sale and I may need it one day.  Do you all do this?  You see it on sale and think well I need this because it’s on sale and I don’t want to pay full price later when in all reality you probably would not buy it at full price.  I really want to focus on my Stampin’ Up Adventure this year and hopefully, pick up some followers and regular customers this year.  My goal this year is to get one person to become a demonstrator under me.  I have so many ideas and hope you guys follow me on my journey.
I made a Thank you card for my first customer today and I love it.

 I used Lift Me Up stamp set in the occasions catalog that you will be able to order from on the 4th,  I also used the Up & Away Thinlits Dies. I have a little package for her too but I won’t show that yet in case she reads this I don’t want to give away the surprise.  When you order from me, You also will get a handmade thank you card in the mail and you may also get a little something extra too.  It makes a huge difference when you are appreciated as a customer.  I followed my pink stamper for many many years and learned so much from her.  I felt a connection and now I am part of her awesome team and I hope to get that connection with all of you guys.  You will be part of this team of pink stampers if you become a demonstrator too.  We are all so supportive and work together with each other.  Best decision I made was becoming a Stampin Up Demonstrator.  So as this year has just begun I truly hope you begin with me too.  I can’t wait to see how this year plays out and I hope to meet all my goals.  I am hoping to get a video made this week, now that things will go back to normal after the holidays.  What are your goals for the new year?
Happy Monday!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. I know what you mean about organizing. I have a ton of paper that is not Stampin' Up! and it is just taking up space that I need for Stampin' Up! products. Part of my goal of organization for this year includes finding a use for that paper even if it is donating it!
    Love the snowman and I totally understand about getting your "routine" back!! When my kids were on school holiday I felt the very same way!! Now it's the grandkids and I am always taking them places and I'm sad when they go back to school. How things change…
    I can't wait to see your next video, I really enjoyed the last one I watched. I am trying to get over a virus so my voice comes back and then I plan on making another video now that I am getting a better handle on how to edit. Thank you again for all your helpfulness and tips!!
    I know you can get your first recruit, it is probably easier than we think. I just keep sharing what I love about Stampin' Up! and people end up asking me more. We need to adopt that attitude then it will come to us easier. I am working on my first recruit as well, she is supposed to sign up early tomorrow so I will let you know. I'm sure I'll let off a bunch of fireworks to celebrate lol.

  2. Thanks Deb!! oh my goodness the paper hoard I have is so awful. When I first signed up for Stampin Up I thought I really want to do it as a hobby, but once I got talking with the Pink Stampers and Roybn they (we) are all so motivational. I'm gonna work my but off this year and put my all into my business. I've been a stay at home mom for the past 8 years and I love it but I need to do this! I really am thinking of donating a bunch of my paper to a senior home or a day care or my local library. I bet they would love it.
    I love your videos too Deb and please give me any feedback you can with what you see with my stuff too.

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